Ball Climber

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Designed for our clients by popular demand, MacArt now offers 'Ball Climber' games, complete with eye-catching designs, a wide cradle for back and forth gaming action, and many other innovative new features. Option to add a "Winner's Cowbell Box" , which will ring each time a ball makes it to the end of the maze. Sold individually. For double set, be sure to select 'Set of 2' in the list. 

Ball Climbers are made out of outdoor durable composite materials. The colourful maze panels, made out of 1/4" aluminum composite,  are shipped in 3 pieces to fit in a shippable box, and save you on freight costs. The full width cradle is hand crafted out of 1/2" Duraboard, and customized with your logo. You will build the lumber frame with your own pressure treated lumber, and our handy, easy-to-follow plans. 

This game is not self-contained. The catchment tray does a great job of containing the golf balls, but we can not account for user abuse. It is possible for people to use the balls in unintended ways, or try to play the game with other items like apples, or pinecones! We recommend installing the games in an area where staff is near by, to cut down on the amount of misuse.   

Optional: You might choose to order the background print layer to go behind the maze. It is available in "Clouds" or "Grass".  We can also provide these files if you would like to handle this printing locally.