Freight and Shipping

Yes! We ship our products worldwide. 

Our small package shipping is typically done with UPS and takes 1-7 days to arrive at its destination. Shipping fees will be added to your order automatically. If you would prefer to pay for your own shipping- you are most welcome to make arrangements for pick up at our studio. Let us know and we'll give you a code that gets rid of shipping fees. 

Shipping is expensive. Yes it is. But quite reliable, and our success rate for safe delivery is excellent. 

If you think the system on our online store is overcharging, please ask us to check on your order. However, our products are large and heavy. There is no simple or cheaper way to ship them worldwide... but if you love our designs, and want to produce in your local area- we're cool with that too! In fact, many of our products are available as digital downloads.  

Freight service for over-sized goods: Our over-sized products ship on skid, in dock-to-dock freight service. If you order any over-sized products, there will be surcharges added to your order to cover freight. Freight orders can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to travel to their destination.  Freight is also very expensive, but very reliable and much safer for heaviest items. 

Our products can be imported duty-free in many countries. MacArt products are manufactured in Canada using composite materials made in the U.S. or Canada. They are certified as tarrif-free when exported to USA and Europe. If you are in another location, let us know and we will look into export regulations for your country.