Manufacturing Studios - WE MAKE FUN!

MacArt’s small studio process of creation and production allows for premium construction in made-to-order products, with attentive personal service and quality. Our products are crafted from composite outdoor materials designed to meet the requirements of the outdoor tourism environment.

How is it made?

Our designs are created in our studio, from concept to graphics, layout, and content. From there, any customization is approved through our buyers before manufacturing. 

From our computer files, every piece and part is laser cut on a CNC routing table, out of super durable, American-made, composite materials that never warp or crack or splinter.

The outdoor quality printing is also laminated against U.V. damage and abrasion wear and tear. Sanding, cleaning and some assembly is done with care in our studio, prior to shipping.


Our team handles all components of the manufacturing process, as we diligently craft premium materials into quality goods and games. Since we make most parts to order, we are able to add facility branding to the products - which helps a lot with pics and social shares.

Some games require further assembly by the customer, after delivery- just like your Ikea furniture.. with better manuals!


Important note about Production Batching: In order to be efficient with pricing and production in our studio, we produce some of these products in quarterly batches. If you order within Q1(Jan-March), your order will be shipped by end of Q2 (April-June)... and so on. For more information, or to make rush requests- contact us anytime! If you have a bulk order, it can run its own schedule.