Barn to be Wild - Imagination Trail

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A Pretend Play Pathway for Little Imaginations. 

Barn to Be Wild turns an ordinary maze trail , or play zone, into a world of pretend play and farm fun imagination. This trail is perfect for younger children and their families. It is ideal to install in a simpler maze path, providing your visitors with a multi-generational activity to remember.

Everything is included with the game: 
  • Installation guide
  • Entrance Signage (36" high) 
  • 6 Spinners  (12" wide) 
    (add more as needed for a longer trail)
  • Exit Photo Opp (36" wide.) 

There are 3 different Spinner designs with 5 different activities on each one for a total of 15 'Pretend Prompts' that are randomized by the spinners. 


Barn to be Wild can be added to any maze path, or trail. It is very adaptable to use in other types of outdoor play spaces as well.  The silly photo opp at the end is sure to be snapped and shared by all.