Christmas Archway Entrance

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Make an Entrance! Easy to install Composite Panels are outdoor durable under all extreme weather conditions. Quickly screw into your lumber frame, or posts, to create an impressive entrance, sure to be snapped for the photo albums over and over again.

Now shipped with seams and framing plans. Sizes vary per design, but each side is no more than 8 feet by 2 feet, with seamed panels for more affordable freight. Our Photo Opps are manufactured on 1/2" composite board made to last outdoors for many years, in all kinds of weather condition. 

Need something Unique? Contact us about your custom project. 

You can choose to install any sort of sign overhead or banner. We also supply a customizeable header sign in 3 popular sizes: 4', 6' and 8' (extra charges apply). Also possible to use on a single post, standing alone, to hold up a sign nice and tall above the crowds. Please note: The header sign is sold separately.