Picnic Table Games: Grazers

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Everyone loves to sit down to some board game fun! MacArt's agritainment picnic table games are easy to understand, and will engage all generations. Game play takes 10-15 minutes for quick turn around, but will provide a memorable sit-down play for your visitors. The large chunky game pieces are easy to handle, but too large to lose. 

The outdoor durable board is approximately 47" x 24', and made out of 1/8" aluminum, printed in U.V. stable ink, and laminated for wear and tear. Simply screw into any table top surface for long-term hassle free games. The farm-themed game pieces are shaped out of weatherproof composite wood, and stand proudly in holsters in the game board. (Extra game pieces are provided with the board, should you lose a couple) 

While these game pieces are 'loose', our experience is that due to the chunky size, they do not go missing. It is recommended to place games with loose pieces in areas of the farm that are near staff, such as close to food service, or retail market. However, should you ever need to, you can order replacements anytime.