Corn Fact Sliders (Set of 3)

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Fun Facts that beg to be read! Our super animated Fact Sliders are the perfect thing to decorate and educate. Available many different designs. 

The chunky panel asks "Did You Know?" and invites visitors to slide the panel up to reveal an interesting fact. They are sold in sets of 3, each with a different easy-to-read fact about the chosen fruit or veg. Our educators have written 9 facts for each crop so that you can spread the fun along a large field or long pathway as required. Customizing with your logo is included in the cost! 


Each Panel is 12" x 18", shaped out of our waterproof outdoor composite materials. Guaranteed to last! They can easily screwed onto any supporting post, fence, or structure. The sliding motion is super durable, and avoids the broken hinges common in other products.

The fun and chunky slide-up panels are bolted to the board and made to be manipulated by hands over and over and over again. Gravity pulls the panel back down, ensuring it is always ready for the next person to enjoy. 

Want something similar but a little different?- Just Ask!  We can design an educational display to suit your space requirements. As always our products are fully customizable, so you are more than welcome to edit or write you own facts.