Mazers Table Game

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Completely unique, and totally a-MAZE-ing maze game for kids of all ages. 

Our Mazer game offers two ways to play: Creative Mode or Challenge Mode 

Sometimes used in a retail space, or near food service,  the mazers game will most often be used the in "Creative" mode for free play.  Creative minds can carve out the maze shapes they like, with satisfaction behind every turn.

In a more structured or supervised setting, there are also rules for challenge play for those that want to engage in a Maze-ing race. The 'Challenge' mode rules allow for game play from 2-16 players at a time. A multi-generational experience like no other! 

A perfect add-on activity for birthday parties or corporate functions- this game is sure to provide some very memorable play.


How it's made:

Our tough & tactile mazer tiles are made of weather-proof composite materials that are soft to the touch with a vibrant print that is laminated for durability -  each 6" square is perfect to handle, but not too small to lose.

The Mazer Table has been designed with the outdoor or commercial environment in mind. The table surface is made of a strong plastic grating that will allow dirt and rain to sift right through.

Provided with your Mazers Game Set:

  • 60 various Mazer tiles (6" square each) with double sided maze print/pathways
  • 18 x 24 Sign with a Complete set of rules for collaborative and challenging game play.
  • 12 Plastic decking tiles to be used as table top surface
  • Table Surround Signage panels that provide all the rules for self-guided play
  • Plans and templates for lumber table. You supply the lumber (and the afternoon to build) and screw in the signs etc. 

Mazer Table is NOW available in CORN MAZE and FOREST TRAIL Designs.

Important note about Production Batching: In order to be efficient in our studio, we produce all of these products in quarterly batches. Visit our manufacturing page for more info.

Feedback from a MazerTable owner:

We purchased our Mazers Table last year and we love it!! We placed the table inside our newly remodeled farm market in a central location. It provides a great distraction for children allowing the parents to shop, helping to increase our market sales. We have enjoyed watching families interact and play together to build maze courses, race imaginary cars, or stack the tiles. Everything is easily washable which is helpful as kids are messy!  On our fall festival weekends, we move the table outside onto our ice-cream patio to provide more space inside our market. The tables was then providing another great distraction for kids as families waited in line for ice-cream. We also didn't have to worry about weather, as the table is able to get wet. We were given extra tiles, but have yet to have any "walk away". Overall, we are very pleased with the purchase- another great design by MacArt Studios."
                                 - Sarah Henning, Long Acre Farms, Macedon, New York