Pollinator Pathway

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Follow the Bees and Waggle Dance through the maze. 

Turn a simple grid maze or trail into a bee-inspired memory challenge for the whole family. Participants learn the 3 dance-directions at the entrance of the path, and then set down the trail to find the flowers- guided by the bee steps

If they follow the bee dance properly, they will find all 5 flowers and get back to the hive in no time. If they go off course, they will need to find more bees to guide them back on path. 

Included with your this game kit: 
  • Detailed installation guide including a field guide with measurements suited to your installation. 
  • Entrance Signage (36" x 24") 
  • 6 Flower direction signs. (18" x 24") 
  • Exit 'Hive' sign. (36" x 24")

Dance Dance Pollination is an alternate name available by request.