Farm Funnies- Bee Jokes

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Farm Funnies are here! 

This product was initially designed for Edmonton Corn Maze's Jesse Kray, who had the idea of engaging guests with farm themed jokes. It was such a hit with his customers that we had to make more the following year! A moveable sign panel encourages all passers by, to read and slide up for the punchline. This set includes 3 joke slider panels. You can customize your collection. As always, adding your logo is included in the price.  Also available in other animals/ crops. 

Each Panel is 12" x 18", shaped out of our waterproof outdoor composite materials. Guaranteed to last and slide smoothly year after year. They can easily be screwed onto any supporting post, fence, or structure.

The sliding motion is super durable, and avoids the broken hinges common in other products. Gravity slides the panel back down, leaving it ready for the next passer-by to enjoy.