Giant Pumpkin Tilt-a-Maze Jr.

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Tilt-a-Maze jr. edition is played on one level (no holes to fall through), and will appeal to younger players. The large pumpkin shape invites kids to run over and lift, tilt, and play!  Coming soon in Apple, and Sunflower too. 

Tilt-A-Maze® maze game is completely self-contained, and will re-set itself between players without electricity or supervision. It is made of durable outdoor composite materials, and will stand up to all weather extremes. This product is  very successfully traffic-tested, and guaranteed to stand up to continual, endless play by big kids and adults.  **Bulk Offer: Buy 3 Tilt-a-Maze Jr. and get $200.00 off each one! 

Included with your purchase: 

  • Tilt-a-Maze pumpkin (40" wide) ready to play.
  • Tilting assembly and all required bolts 
  • Complete DIY instructions to build the base with lumber
    (requires 1 hour of basic carpentry and approximately $50 in regular lumber) 
  • rubber bumpers to affix under the game to absorb sound and shock