Gift Tag Game- a Christmas Seek and Scan

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Who's getting a Teddy Bear for Christmas?  

Guests will have a great time seeking out the presents, and scanning to see what's inside each one. 

Add an easy activity with minimal effort - your guests will appreciate the easy-to-follow activity, that does not require any downloaded apps.  If you choose- you can add onto it for promotions or collecting customer info. 

Provided with each of the themed sets:

  • 1 'Intro' Game sign to explain and engage your visitors (24" x 30")
  • 6 unique 'Present' signs- each with QR codes,  for you to affix anywhere you choose.  Only one sign is the correct answer to the quest. 
    (each sign is approx 24"x 24" wide. You can easily order extra ones too!) 
  • Mobile pages customized with your logo 
  • Option to add-on digital contesting form to collect e-mail list data 

Mobile pages and contesting forms are hosted for free for 2 years, at a unique domain name, customized with your farm name. Additional years of hosting offered for $149/yr.