Maple Trivia Challenge

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This adaptable game set will help you set up a simple experience for your guests, in the way that best suits your operation. Install the signs along a trail, or in the play area- whatever best suits your site.

Trivia Challenge Kit Includes:

  • 5 unique Question Signs, 2' wide each
  • 1 Answer Checking Station Sign (2'wide with card slot which reveals correct answers)
  • 1,000 Trivia Game Cards. ( choose hole punch or tear version)

Option to add-on Mobile Page for digital play
(extra charge of $950.00 for a customized mobile game play page/data collection)

    You may choose to run a contest and/or collect customer info by customizing the text on the back of the trivia card.

     Tags: Maple Syrup, Maple, Spring, Sugar Bush