New Game: Christmas Cookie Escape!!

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NEW GAME!! Using our tried and test channel construction, this game engages players with its fun, tactile hanging gingerbread cookies.   Works as well indoors and out! 

Game Play: Up to three (people or teams) can play together. On your turn, spin as many times as you want and then walk that many spaces towards the finish line. But be careful you don't land on the Snacky Elf, and lose your turn. First one to the finish line wins. 

  • Great for intergeneration fun, and making more memories at your farm. 
  • Great for filling in the quiet or patient pockets of your visitor flow. Fun around every corner. 

Each Board is 48" x 24" and also includes the outdoor durable spinner (to be installed by you on a post in front of the game board. Completely snow, ice and wipe down proof.