Pumpkin Pair-Up: Complete Retail Game Set

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Specifically designed for driving engagement and sales into your retail environment, this game will decorate the store, engage kids of all ages, and provide an incentive to retail sales. Included in the cost: Game sign will be customized to your store and offer.

Provided with the game set:

  • 2 main sign boards introducing the game and pumpkin to find
  • 10 hanging pumpkins shaped out of PVC with hanging hole (1 will match)
  • 10 floor pumpkins shaped in durable floor vinyl products (1 will match)
  • 5 hand stamps for use at front gates, or within attraction ( to drive engagement at the retail point-of-exit)
  • Downloadable pumpkin graphics you can use in a variety of accompanying ways.

All components are produced with the highest quality American-made PVC materials. We laminate against all sorts of damage and gently shape for that fun, animated look. They will last a very long time, and can be brought out year after year, to add some retail incentive- anytime you choose.  Guaranteed to increase your retail sales! 

Please note- if you only want hanging, or only want floor pumpkins.... We can do that! Just let us know when you order, and you will receive 20 pumpkins in chosen materials.