Sunflower SPIN OUT 🌀 Maze Challenge

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A Dizzying Maze Challenge for All! 

Spin-Out will engage guests of all ages into a fun maze challenge, full of free play and flexible options. No paper or pencils, this game does not require any staffing, power, or hand-helds. Guests can play alone or in groups, with each play lasting 5-8 minutes. Many different groups / guests can be playing at the same time. 

The rules are simple, yet each time is a different run, randomized by spinners are every intersection.

Included with this game kit is: 
  • Detailed installation guide, including field measurements adapted to your rectangular space. 
  • Entrance Signage (34" wide) 
  • 23 weather-proof spinners that are not all the same* (11" wide) 
  • Rules Sign (18" x 24") 
  • Exit Sign (18" x 24") 

 * your game guide will detail where to install specific spinners, to ensure the game play is fun for your guests, and gets them out of the maze within 7-12 minutes or so. This maze game can be cut/planted into corn, sunflowers, or built more permanently with boards and other vegetation.  You will need to supply the lumber required to install posts and signs, as well as the color marking for all the trails. 

Accessibility Warning: This game is not good for people who have trouble seeing different colors. You can add this note to the signage. 


NOTE: You will also need to install color trail markings, which are not included in your game kit. If you are doing posts/rails, we suggest painting the top rails. If you are doing a less permanent installation, colored nylon rope or trail marking tape work quite well.  Painted cement pads can be used to mark the entrance to each path. Many options for the trail markers on Amazon- we can point you in the right direction if needed.